The Winter Wish List: Miscellaneous Must-Haves

by Scott Wagner

Don’t we all have a running list of random things we’d one day like to buy for ourselves? Maybe it’s a ski suit in the style of The Spy Who Loved Me, or a stereo that doesn’t talk back, or a stand out suitcase too handsome to ever put away. We’re talking about the kind of stuff that’s cool, but also outlandish enough to tell a story about over a delicious bourbon with friends. (Google Image search “James Bond Ski Suit” to see what we mean.)

Such things are what we’re focusing on for the last of the Winter Wish List. Good looking “practical” things we need, but not really. 

Scroll through, hit print, stick on vision board. 

Rimowa Original Check IN L-Twist, $1,600, available at

Good looking enough to use as a coffee table (with storage!) when not in use. 

Moncler “Genius” Ski Suit, $2,545, available at

The Spy Who Loved Me 2.0.

LV X NBA Soft Trunk Phone Box, $2,430, available at

Protective gear is never a bad idea. 

Gucci Marble Tray, $590, available at

To corral all those trinkets. 

Waterford Whiskey Decanter, $295, available at

Leave your bourbon in the bottle. Put your water in this. 

Versace Silk Cushion, $395, available at

It’s good feng shui. 

Moncler Ski Goggles, $650, available at

To go with your new suit. 

Canada Goose Aviator Hat, $295, available at 

It might look a little nuts, but it’s probably the most practical thing on this list. 

Burberry Monogram Duffel Bag, $1,650, available at

For when you don’t need to check a bag. 

Editor’s Note: Top photo by Jan de Keijzer on Unsplash

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