Our Favorite Home Bars on Instagram

by Scott Wagner

Inspiration for your everyday drink spot

You could call our obsession with beautiful home bars a fetish if you like. Browsing real estate sites, swiping through dozens of images of great rooms and master baths to get to the good stuff is almost our wind down routine before bed.

Sometimes, we just like to marvel at the craftsmanship a good contractor and interior decorator can employ in turning an average man cave or counter space into a delightful drink spot. Other times, we see something we like and make notes and clip images to tack on our home project list.

As with any visually stimulating subject, home bars have a nice following on Instagram. The #homebar and #homebardesign hashtag is certainly one to add to your following there. Here are some favorite home bars we’ve discovered on the app in recent weeks.

The Library – From @_meetmesomewhere

There are two primary accessories the discerning should put on their shelves: good bourbon and good books. This literary take on a home bar from @_meetmesomewhere just opens the possibilities of the purpose of your drinking space. Pull your 1792 Full Proof and a copy of The Fountainhead off the shelf, and pour a glass while pouring yourself into a reminder of what it is to be uncompromising.

Sit & Sip – From @designcafe.dc

A great home bar doesn’t have to be elaborate or even a centerpiece of the room. This cozy corner from @designcafe.dc makes creative use of a credenza and wood shelves. The craft rocker also clearly indicates the point of this part of the house is relaxation.

Have a Seat – From @thayercoggin

When a home bar design matches the need for an elegant atmosphere with the comforts of relaxation, we’ll stand in line to see it. This look from @thayercoggin includes swivel lounge chairs at the bar rather than stools. That plus the over-bar big screen make it a perfect place to watch the game. The decor makes it sophisticated enough to shed any notion of a pedestrian man cave.

Round About – From @heredity_homes

Home bars don’t have to mimic public ones. Those are often intended for patrons to sit facing the wall or television and look down at their drink. Home bars can break the regiment with circles, like this design from @heredity_homes, which allows you and friends to sit in one another’s field of view. Here, you can enjoy a 1792 Bourbon cocktail while focusing on what’s most important: the conversation.

Origami Inspiration – From @lightinginctx

The origami-inspired lighting is the focal point of this particular post from @lightinginctx on Instagram, but the principles of folding something plain into a precise use of surface translates to this stylish, yet understated home bar space. We can picture this fitting nicely into the often unused space beside a hallway entrance or living room thresh hold.

On Display – From @styled.by.kristy

Let’s be honest: Modern design or not, you still enjoy displaying your collection. What good does a hard-to-find bottle do under the counter or in a cabinet. Today’s popular suburban designs like this from @styled.by.kristy often account for three to four shelves for just that. And we appreciate the nod to some collection glorification. Forgive us for thinking any home bar display looks exponentially better with a dedicated 1792 Bourbon shelf.

What are your favorites? Tag us in the comments of those posts with @1792bourbon.

Editor’s Note: Top photo courtesy of Twin Spires Remodeling in Louisville, Ky.

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