1792 Signature Cocktails: The Small Batch Summer Shandy

by Scott Wagner

Another delicious concoction courtesy of Ice & Alchemy’s Josh Suchan

With all due respect to our Caribbean friends, boat drinks don’t always have to be made with rum. A well-balanced bourbon brings a certain oomph to whatever you’re sipping by the dock, pool or patio. Speaking of balance, take a nice rye-based bourbon and put it in a drink with summery mixers like citric juices and sweet, fruity garnishes and your summer sipper becomes a palate-pleasing yin-yang.

We asked one of our favorite mixologists for his take on a best-of-both-worlds bourbon boat drink. What Josh Suchan of Ice & Alchemy came back with is impeccable. Feast your eyes … and taste buds … on the 1792 Small Batch Summer Shandy!

1792 Small Batch Summer Shandy Ingredients

  • ¾ oz 1:1 honey syrup (1 full teaspoons if using honey straight from the store bottle)
  • ¾ oz lemon juice
  • 1 oz pink grapefruit juice
  • 1.5 oz 1792 Small Batch Bourbon
  • Top with 1 ½ oz oz IPA

1792 Small Batch Summer Shandy Directions

Add all ingredients except the IPA directly to your glass. Stir/swizzle to mix. Top with 1 ½ oz IPA and gently stir one more time before topping with ice. Garnish with a pink grapefruit wedge.

At-Home Tips from Josh:

  • Feel free to infuse your syrup with a seasonal flavor (I infused mine with ginger, but herbs, especially rosemary, would go well here as well) to add an extra dimension to the recipe. Simply add the ingredient to your sugar and liquid in a pot on the stove. Over low-medium heat, stir frequently. Once the sugar is fully dissolved and you’re happy with the flavor intensity, strain-out the solids and bottle up the flavored syrup.
  • Go fresh with your juices whenever possible.  
  • Use your favorite IPA beer! One using Northwest hops will make a perfect pairing.

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