How to Make a Stylish Bed

by Scott Wagner

The sheets, the pillows, and more

Rest more soundly with a stylish bed that feels good. Sheets, duvets, blankets, and pillows are the things to consider when it comes time to makeover your bed, and we’ve got a few suggestions of styles to consider below. So go ahead and invest in a new blanket or set of sheets and no longer feel the need to keep your bedroom door perpetually closed. 

The Sheets 

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Don’t hesitate to keep it simple when it comes to sheets. It may sound boring, but wild sheets only make for a difficult night’s sleep. Go with grey or beige or lean crisp and clean with a set in starch white. Navy and black are safe go-tos if you like to keep your bedroom on the darker side. 

Look for Egyptian or pima cotton as the material of the sheets is what indicates quality, not the thread count. High thread counts are often nothing more than a gimmick—300-400 is just fine and will last you many slumbers. 

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Duvets, Comforter, and Coverlets 

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Duvets, comforters and coverlets are designed to keep you warm and, like your sheets, we suggest you stick to something simple. Opt for a version in the same color family as your sheets, but a shade darker or lighter for a look that tells a story through shade as opposed to pattern. Texture is something to look out for, too. Nubby poplin, something with a quilt-like stitch in cotton, or supple Belgian linen are all materials that can add soothing visual interest through texture. 

And if you go for a duvet, don’t forget to consider the fill. Down (bird feathers) is typically the softest option and comes with a higher price tag. “Fill-power” is also something to think about, which is a measurement of how many cubic inches a particular type of down fills. More fill means more fluff. A high fill-power of 700 will feel denser than something with a lower fill-power and make for a warmer duvet.

The Accent Blanket

Black and White Blanket, $224, available at

Throw pillows are fussy, but a throw blanket can really pull a bed together in seconds flat. You can lay it out in full on top of your duvet or fold it up neatly at the foot. Don’t be afraid to change it out with the seasons, either. Pendleton wool in winter, breezy cotton in summer. Think of an accent blanket as you would a striped sweater—a functional layer of visual interest. 

Throw Pillows

Turkish Kilim Pillow, $18, available at

OK, we know we kind of knocked on throw pillows earlier, but one or two can actually be kind of cool. They can add color and pattern to an otherwise solid room and have the ability to transform a “normal” looking bed into a “sensational” looking bed. Go bold with a geometric or something more grounded like a Turkish kilim. 

Editor’s Note: Top Photo by Hiroshi Kimura on Unsplash

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