A Short Film with Bold Taste

by Scott Wagner

Get a peek behind the curtain of 1792 Bourbon

We don’t talk directly about 1792 Bourbon often here at 1792 Style. The links are around if you’d like to see more about the fine expressions of what we think is the best bourbon in the world. We know you’re here for more than that, but we also want to make sure the 1792 Style audience can speak to the wonderful spirit behind the magazine if called upon.

Last year we produced a short film about the brand, incorporating perspectives from members of our team and one of our favorite mixologists, Molly Wellman of Japps in Cincinnati, Ohio, that shows off a little of how 1792 Bourbon is made and a lot about how great cocktail makers use it.

Give the film a quick watch — it’s just two and a half minutes long — and share it with your friends so they know the scoop on the world’s best bourbon, too.

Find out more about each 1792 Bourbon expression on the brand’s website.

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