Cowboy Hats Aren’t Just for Cowboys

by 1792 Style

Choice picks for the ultimate statement accessory

Cowboy hats have officially made their way into the menswear dialogue as a slightly niche, but oh-so-cool, statement accessory. They’ve appeared in recent runway collections by Missoni, Saint Laurent, Etro, and Givenchy, on the heads of cool guys who’ve mastered their craft (Pharrell, Lil Nas X), all without becoming “too trendy” thanks to their longstanding ties to the American West. 

Still don’t believe us? Do a quick Google image search for “Pitti Uomo cowboy hats” and scroll through hundreds of fashion conscious dudes sporting them with everything from finely tailored suits to puffy jackets and wide leg pants. Note the styles — so many options. Cattleman, Buckaroo, Open Crown — all are terms used to describe different hats and the men who originally wore them. 

So just because you don’t have cattle to herd or a Halloween party to go to doesn’t mean that you can’t sport a Cattleman with complete confidence. And it doesn’t have to be by Givenchy, either. Mask up and venture out to your local thrift store, tack shop, or Boot Barn and try a few different styles on. Just make sure to wear something smart when you do — the kind of thing that makes you stand proud in the mirror. Good jeans and a puffed out Patagonia, a corduroy suit, and yes, even a tuxedo will all look good with a round Buckaroo. Stretched out sweatpants and that fleece you got five years ago, however, will not. 

Put your choice hat on, look at yourself in the mirror, and see how you feel. Roll your shoulders back, chest proud, chin up. Feel the vibe it imparts on you thanks to the no-nonsense men who donned them before you. The men who herded cattle East from Texas, fixed fences, built towns, and drank good whiskey. The men who sang songs and made movies about good versus evil. John Wayne. Johnny Cash. The Man with No Name. Walk out into the world with it on and become the high plains drifter you’ve always wanted to be, even if you’re going nowhere but the grocery store. 

Below, check out three of our favorite styles and some ideas for what to wear them with. (Think boots, jackets, and far out lenses fit for a fashionable rebel.)

The Cattleman 

The OG of cowboy hats, the Cattleman is the “gentleman’s choice” for both the ranch and more formal affairs. Get one now and wear it everyday with just about anything (except sweats). 

JBS Heritage 6X Hat, Stetson, $235, available at

Sure, you could wear a version in black with a double-breasted tux, but it’s equally as sharp with a down puffer for ventures come December. This one, from The North Face, has a retro edge that works just right with a classic Cattleman. 

1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket, The North Face, $279, available at

The Gambler 

An elevated take on the style worn by Charros (and Clint Eastwood) this Stetson is a high-fashion hit with down to earth character. 

46 Chinook Hat, $125, available at

Do like the boys at Pitti Uomo and sport your Gambler with some colored-lens shades. We like the idea of yellow aviators as a nod to the OG rebel and bourbon lover himself, Hunter S. Thompson

Shtarker with Mellow Yellow Tint, Moscot, $370, available at 

The Open Crown 

A favorite of Pharrell and Erykah Badu, the Open Crown has a rounded top and a looser vibe. Get one in green, black, or brown and wear it through fall, winter, and the beginning of spring. 

Austral 4X Hat, $145, Stetson, available at

Take a page out of Saint Laurent’s book and pair your hat with a pair of Cuban heels for a fit that’s next level Western. 

Custar 45 Leather Chelsea Boots, Saint Laurent, $1,095, available at

Editor’s Note: Top photo by Elijah Hail on Unsplash

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