1792 Signature Cocktails: The Bourbon ‘n’ Ginger

by Scott Wagner

Say hello to your go-to summer drink 

We like the idea of a go-to summer drink that’s filled with flavor and quick to make. This year we’re going to make ours a bourbon ‘n’ ginger. It’s refreshing, spicy yet sweet, and it tastes good in the heat. It’s a simple recipe that depends on quality ingredients, which is why we’d like to suggest mixing your 1792 Bourbon with Freddie’s Old Fashioned Ginger Ale—a classic mixer made right alongside what you mix it with in bourbon country. 

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Bourbon ‘n’ Ginger Ingredients: 

Bourbon ‘n’ Ginger Directions: 

  • Pour your bourbon into an ice-filled glass 
  • Add the ginger ale 
  • Top it with the wedge of lime

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