Summer Style: How to Dress Yourself Up for a Night Out

by Scott Wagner

Hunter Vought shows us how it’s done

The days of dressing up for a night out feel something like a distant, fuzzy memory. Bars and restaurants have shut. Date nights have dwindled. Eating out has been replaced by take out. But soon, all that will change, so it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll wear for a socially distanced night on the town. 

Things have changed and that’s OK. 

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A Saturday night at the hippest bar in town may no longer involve standing shoulder to shoulder waiting on a drink, but even without a crowd, the hip bar still stands, your go-to cocktail still exists, and it’s up to you to dress the part when you show up to place an order. But what to wear? Seriously. It’s not a weird thing to ask yourself after you’ve spent the better part of a year in sweatpants. There’s been no reason to wear anything else, let alone buy some new clothes. 

We’re with you. 

To help us remember how to dress up again, we turned to style expert Hunter Vought’s Instagram for some constructive inspiration. Jackpot! The three looks below are what we plan on channeling when we embark on the long forgotten journey that is a dinner reservation. And if a pre-rezzy drink is your thing, shake yourself up a Sidecar, Vought’s choice bourbon cocktail

Looks (and recipe) below. 

The Summer Suit 

If you can swing it, go for a summer suit. Here, Vought wears one in the ideal shade for hot days: white. It reflects the sun, which your go-to navy suit does not. The fabric itself is also key. You want to look for something in cotton (think chino or linen) as it’s breathable and a tad more casual than wool. Suit Supply offers several options that fit the bill quite nicely. 

Mix It up, but Keep It Tailored

A tailored trouser and knit polo is always a sharp look. Here, we see how Vought pulled it off with a pair of dressy kicks in contrasting black and white. The entire outfit is from Express Men, so it’s good stuff, but you won’t have to skip appetizers in order to afford it. Oh, and another thing — skip the socks. 

Try Your Hand at Tone on Tone 

OK, so we know he’s wearing shorts, but the fact that everything is black dresses it up enough for a night out if you find yourself somewhere near a beach. Note that he’s not wearing a t-shirt, but a button down, which is a style move anyone can pull off when it comes to an after hours ‘fit. Roll up your shorts or iron the hem down, but whatever you do, don’t forget your aviators. 

Before Dinner, Shake up a Sidecar 

Sidecar Cocktail Ingredients

  • 2 oz. 1792 Bourbon 
  • 1 oz. orange liqueur 
  • ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice 
  • Orange twist for garnish 

Sidecar Cocktail Directions 

  • Add bourbon, liqueur, and lemon juice to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. 
  • Shake until cold. 
  • Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with an orange twist. 

Editor’s Note: Hunter Vought is one of 1792 Bourbon’s style partners. See his first Instagram post that features the brand on his Instagram feed. The top image is courtesy of Hunter Vought. The rest of the images in this article are embeds of his Instagram feed and used with his permission.

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