1792 Signature Cocktails: Bourbon Summer Sour

by Scott Wagner

One of the phenomenal mixologists whose work with 1792 Bourbon helped inspire this very site was Josh Suchan of Ice & Alchemy. Few combine delicious libations with the sophistication and flare Josh offers. Which is why we love working with him.

We challenged Josh to come up with an Ice & Alchemy summer drink suitable for sipping by the pool or topping off an evening enjoying the backyard breezes. In true Josh Suchan fashion, he over delivered with a simple, but mouth-watering Bourbon Summer Sour.

Stir up this lovely concoction for friends. Or even just for yourself. Cheers!

And if you’re interested, Josh offers virtual cocktail classes to help you master the art of home mixology! Check them out at IceAndAlchemy.com.

1792 Bourbon Summer Sour Ingredients

1792 Bourbon Summer Sour Directions

Gently muddle the simple syrup and mint leaves. Add the lemon juice, 1792 Bourbon and crushed ice. Stir/swizzle to mix. Top with four dashes of Peychaud’s bitters and garnish with an orange wheel and mint bouquet.

At-Home Tips:

  • Feel free to infuse your syrup with a seasonal flavor (strawberries, peaches, etc) to add an extra dimension to the recipe. Simply add the ingredient to your sugar and liquid in a pot on the stove. Over low-medium heat, stir frequently. Once the sugar is fully dissolved and you’re happy with the flavor intensity, strain-out the solids and bottle up the flavored syrup.
  • Fresh lemon juice is always best. 
  • If you don’t have Peychaud’s bitters, don’t worry! You can choose to omit the bitters or use any bitters that you have on-hand.

Editor’s Note: Find Josh on Instagram at @ice_and_alchemy. And look for a quick video of Josh making our 1792 Bourbon Summer Sour on our Instagram feed and stories.

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