The Seven Most Stylish Cars We Want

by Scott Wagner

Tailgating would look so much better 

Beautiful cars and beautiful watches are not all that dissimilar. Both are brought into existence by way of precise engineering, their stylish outsides conceal complex insides, and, when considering a certain one percent of the market, as we are here, there is no cap as to how much they can cost. 

We’ve talked a lot about watches, but not cars. So, here we are, and here are some of our favorite automobiles, many of which can be found on the Instagram account of one incredibly dapper Alexander Kraft (@alexander.kraft).

They are graceful machines, customized to a T, and cared for by hand. In another life, they’re what we’d take to Ascot with a top hat on our head and a trunk full of caviar, 1792 Bourbon (only for consuming responsibly and never before driving), and fine cheeses from France. The stuff dreams are made of. 

The Car: Bentley Turbo R c. 1990s

The Vibe: Forever a Gentleman 

Why we Want It: If it’s good enough for Prince Charles, it’s good enough for us. It’s a car that says, I like to drive and be driven. 

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The Car: Range Rover c. 1980s 

The Vibe: Countryside Cool 

Why we Want It: Forever a classic, the Range Rover looks as good in town as it does in the country. It’s the car you have a designated driver take you and your friends to the races in with everything you need to tailgate in the back. 

The Car: Volvo Station Wagon c. 1977 

The Vibe: Scandi and Dandy 

Why we Want It: It’s unexpected, it’s well designed, it’s a little odd. Simply put, it’s too cool for school. 

The Car: Ferrari 275 c. 1960s

The Vibe: Spezzatura Style

Why we Want It: It’s fast and furious in all the right ways. It’s the life we’d have had had we not decided to have kids and a retriever and a mortgage. Just kidding. We love our real life too, but man it would be so much better with this in the garage. 

The Car: Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL c. 1968

The Vibe: I’ll Get There When I Get There (and Look Good Doing It) 

Why we Want It: A vintage Mercedes suggests the kind of person who’s never in a rush. The kind of guy who’s usually on time, and if he’s not, will be no more than fifteen minutes late. And, with four doors, you could even say it’s a practical “next vehicle” IRL. 

The Car: Land Rover Defender c. 1980s

The Vibe: Somewhere, Someplace, There is a Country Estate That Belongs to Me

Why we Want It: We all need something that can drive through a river. 

The Car: Mercedes-Benz 250 Sl c. 1970

The Vibe: Luxe on Wheels 

Why we Want It: Vitamin D deficient? Not this guy. 

Editor’s Note: Top photo by David Hellmann on Unsplash

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