A Watch in a Class of Its Own

by 1792 Style

The Unique Appeal of the Cartier Santos 

The question “what does your watch say about you?” can bring about a lot of assumptions. A Breitling with a dashboard-like dial and waterproof strap is indicative of someone who craves adventure. A gold Rolex conjures up images of a Gordon Gecko-era Wall Street wolf in a pinstripe suit and Gucci loafers. Someone sensible with an eye for design pairs well with the clean lines of a classic Mondaine in steel and black—an architect, perhaps. 

You may have read the above associations as nothing more than stylish stereotypes — which they are — but still, and more often than not, they throw guys off, particularly those in the market for a watch for himself. Perusing timepieces like the ones listed above, he  finds himself asking Am I really that adventurous? I like the Rolex, but I work in tech… This one’s nice, but too architectural for my laid back style. 

Confused, he gives up. Too many options. Too many cultural references to sift through.

Such a guy might be the perfect match for the Cartier Santos. A classic watch with industrial appeal, it’s a thing of beauty born out of utilitarian need. It’s stylish with just the right amount of flash, a design buff’s dream, and well made to the point of being the kind of thing you’ll want to eventually pass along to someone else. 

First created in 1904 by Louis Cartier for his pilot friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, it’s an eye-catching timepiece that was made to serve a purpose. Dumont needed a watch with a contoured dial that could be checked without removing his hands from his plane’s controls, and Cartier rose to the occasion. The original version had a strap made of leather, making it slightly different than the one shown above, but the dial itself still remains very much the same. (The bracelet wasn’t introduced until 1978, but we feel it’s durability improves upon the original.)

Having been around for over a hundred years, it’s a proven classic, making it synonymous with a class of watches that rides above the trends. And with a price that starts at $6,250 for the version in stainless steel, we’d expect nothing less. 

The Cartier Santos is available at Cartier stores worldwide and www.cartier.com.

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