What to Wear All Summer Long

by 1792 Style

The shirt, the pants, the shoes, and yes, the jacket, sorted

Putting some thought into your summer style now will save you time better used for things other than thinking about what to wear later on. For most of us, summer, unlike the transitional seasons of spring and fall, is about one thing: Heat and how to deal with it. Sartorially speaking, this translates to trying to look our effortless best in situations that inevitably have us sweating like a marathon summer half-way to the finish line. 

Whether it’s a packed day of running errands around in midday sun, a cocktail get together on a humid, breezeless August night, or a pre-date subway ride in a car with no A/C, all of us have had to deal with times during which we quite literally sweat through our best. Ideally, we’d all be living our best life in the style of Peter Beard, donning nothing more than a sarong and flip flops from June to September, but real life often calls for dress more conservative than our spirits. 

That in mind, we pulled some key pieces from some standout stores to create a consolidated list of summer style staples that’ll look good no matter how you mix ‘em up. And though we can’t guarantee a sweat-less summer, we’re pretty confident that the things here will have you looking a little more polished and at least feeling cooler than you did this time last year. 

The Dressier Shirt 

OK we must admit that there are in fact times when a t-shirt won’t cut it, and that’s when to reach for the dressier shirt. It’ll serve you well when it comes time to dress for any small gathering you’re invited to and some even say it’ll boost productivity if you’ve got no plans other than working from home. The Stripe Linen Spread Collar Shirt from Drake’s is a formal step up from a white tee, but no less breezy. It offers dapper style without sacrificing comfort. 

The You Can Take Me Everywhere Jeans 

White jeans are the closest thing you’ll get to shorts without showing your knees. They reflect light (thereby keeping you cool) and serve up the right kind of tonal play when paired with a white tee. Pair them with anything else and the crisp contrast make for a look that’s impressively fresh.

The Pull It Together Jacket

Nothing will make you look more immediately pulled together like a jacket. Though wool is advised for all seasons, we can’t help but point out that a version in linen feels better in peak temperatures come July. Have it on hand for meetings via zoom and cocktails on the terrace with your quarantine crew. 

The New Birkenstock

Nothing will ever replace the genius that is a Birkenstock sandal, but Sabahs are a fashion-forward alternative worth a try. Based on a style of shoe that’s older than you, each pair is crafted in Turkey by artisans who have made Sabahs their trade. Pick up a pair in camel leather or stamped zebra for some low-key cool fit for everyday. 

The Trusty Tee

There’s never not a time for a crisp white tee, but not all are created equal. These versions from Mr. Porter will stay looking fresh no matter how many “super” loads they’re put through and offer a stylish hit of chic right on the chest. Riffs on logos lifted from arcade games, real estate agencies, and all-inclusive resorts can also make for an interesting graphic punch — some are even clever enough to make you smile. 

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