This Summer’s Best Sunglasses

by Scott Wagner

Cool, Classic, and Under $300

Sunglasses serve as a key component to most all warm weather looks. In addition to operating as an accessory that protects your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays, they can also add tremendous visual value as a stylish finishing touch. The issue, however, is finding a pair that’s just right in terms of both cost and look. A quick Google search for “men’s sunglasses” yields thousands of results, which quickly translates to an endless list of options that’ll lead even the most determined shopper down an online rabbit hole that ends in equal parts confusion and frustration. 

That’s why the style editors at 1792 Style took some time to comb through some of the best online sources for shades and create a list of their favorites. Below, check out five options in styles that’ll suit any face for $300 or less. 

Cubbits tortoise shell

You might think that a pair of sunglasses that takes six weeks to make would be too expensive for anyone except the global 1%, but you’d be wrong. This pair in tortoise shell acetate by the British label Cubbits is priced at $165 and offers a level of quality that outshines pairs listed for twice as much. Logo? None here. Two silver pins add an air of elegance (not flash) while classic brown lenses lend a tonal complement to the frame itself. 

Ray Ban aviators

No guy ever went wrong with a pair of aviators. Ray Ban originally designed these lightweight shades to be worn by U.S. aviators in 1937 and they’ve since become a stylish staple for anyone who values timelessness and comfort. They look good on any shape face (cheekbones, no cheekbones, long, round) and pair well with any outfit. Buying a pair now means never having to buy another pair of sunglasses ever again. 

Moscot Zolmon

Moscot began selling glasses in 1899 and never stopped. A family run business five generations strong, it’s a name synonymous with quality and a kind of forward-thinking design favored by aesthetes worldwide. The pair above was created by (and later named after) second generation owner Sol Solman, whose name was Zolman on his birth certificate. The round lenses and crystal clear Italian acetate frame will surely add just the right amount of fashionable flair to anything from jeans and a tee to black-tie and everything in between. 

Classic Black Shades

There are sunglasses you keep forever and then there are sunglasses you leave on your car seat and absentmindedly crush. This pair, albeit incredibly good looking, are the kind you can absentmindedly crush. In other words, we all need some shades that we can lose or destroy and feel no guilt about after the fact. Priced at $28, this classic pair in black are perfect for a day at the lake and can easily be replaced should they end up sinking to the bottom. 

Persol 649 Original

Steve McQueen had a pair. Need we say more?

Editor’s Note: Lead photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash 

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