The Barndominium – Bringing Modern Style to Country Living

by Scott Wagner

They’re not just for horses and hay anymore

Modern design evokes certain feelings that underline everything from your mood to your aspirations. But modern design doesn’t have to be limited to metropolitan communities. In fact, we’ve been watching an architecture and interior design trend of late that brings those sophisticated and bold feelings to an interesting, if not unexpected place.

Allow us to introduce you to barndominiums.

Often the perfect combination of rough and rustic blended uniquely with clean and open, this modern take on the farm structure used for housing horses, hay, and tobacco is officially a thing. And one we love.

The image above is the Somerset Barn Home built by Yankee Barn Homes in New Hampshire. More like it are popping up from there to Southern California and from Seattle to the Deep South. 

Think about all the pluses remodeled barn living brings to the table:

  • It repurposes old structures, bringing an element of sustainability to your living quarters
  • It capitalizes on buildings that offer an incredible amount of space to bring more open floor plans to the table
  • It brings the sharp sensibilities of urban and modern designs to country living without a jarring exterior structure that ruffles the feathers of the locals
  • Whether it’s your primary abode or weekend getaway, it grounds you away from the hustle and bustle for some fresh air and quiet

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We took a break from obsessively thumb-scrolling through #barndominium and #barnhouse feeds on Instagram to share some of our favorite finds here. If you’re serious about exploring your new discerning take on farm life, Architectural Digest even has floor plans worth shopping.

The aforementioned Yankee Barn Homes feed is a favorite: 

As is Our Barndominium Life:

Barndominiums has floor plans as well as great pictures:

Oak Bridge Timber Framing isn’t exclusively barndominiums, but the ones they show are magnificent:

Finally, an account named @ptrenken does our feed some good with his barndominium obsession.

The only question we have left is when can we move in.

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Yankee Barn Homes for use of the Somerset Barn Home image above. A leading innovator in the housing industry, Yankee Barn Homes was founded in 1969 and is based in Grantham, N.H. We love their Instagram feed, which is at

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