The Winter Wish List: Sweaters & Shirts

by 1792 Style

An unfussy sweater is a useful thing. Hit up any online retailer specializing in current menswear and you’re sure to find a mix of knits ranging from trusty basics to straight-off-the-runway fashion with a capital F. And though it’s fun to envision yourself wearing a hand dyed cashmere jumper embroidered with psychedelic mushrooms, it’s probably not the most practical purchase you can make for your life right now. 

So in our third installment of the Winter Wish List, we decided to focus on the trusty basics. 

Chunky turtlenecks. Rich merino in earthy hues. Nordic knits. There’s a good reason why certain styles make a comeback year after year and it all boils down to use value. Think about it…a navy wool crewneck can do everything your college sweatshirt can do and serve you well in times when you need to look a little more sharp. 

So whether you’re in the market for something to don on Zoom or just live out your best cozy vibe while sipping a bourbon, we’ve gathered up our five favorite unfussy sweaters and the shirts to wear underneath them. 

AMI Paris Crewneck Jumper, $205, available at 

Make at home happy hour a little more interesting with some royal shade. 

Officine Generale Polo Sweater, $315, available at 

A knit polo. Positively continental.

J.Crew Donegal-Stripe Sweater, $139.99, available at

When there’s a blizzard outside, throw this on. 

Comme des Garcons V-Neck Pullover, $350, available at

Spread the love and look good doing it. 

Mr. P Intarsia Merino Wool Sweater, $280, available at

A hit of red for some wintertime cheer. 

Alex Mill Easy Shirt, $110, available at 

A shirt that works under a sweater, yet light enough to wear all year. 

Drake’s Oxford Shirt, $235, available at 

A pale complexion looks better paired with pink. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Camo Shirt, $125, available at

It’s wild out there. Dress for it. 

Sid Mashburn Work Shirt, $175, available at 

Orange. A mood boosting color for dreary days. 

Aspesi Chambray Shirt, $285, available at

An unfussy shirt that’s also a fashion flex. 

Now that we’ve got that list built out, let’s have a drink of some fine bourbon.

Editor’s Note: Top photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

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